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A Barossa legend since 1859

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Stories of Saltram: Who is Mr Pickwick?

Discover the famous story behind Mr Pickwick's Particular Tawny.

Who is Mr Pickwick?

As we ready ourselves for the Christmas season and the festivities to ensue, there has never been a more pertinent time to acquaint oneself with our Mr Pickwick’s Particular Tawny NV.

The story goes that Samuel Pickwick was a kind, curious businessman and founder of the Pickwick Club - a group dedicated to exploring far removed places and reporting on their odd findings. This, of course, is a fictional tale from the novel ‘The Pickwick Papers’, which captured the spirit of 19th century London from the brilliant mind of English writer and social critic, Charles Dickens.

We pay homage to Mr Pickwick, and his infinite love of port, with this fine Tawny that has 93 points, 4 Trophies and 5 Gold Medals to its name – a testament to our chief winemaker Alex MacKenzie and his team.

“Traditionally used as a digestive, Tawny forms a part of the old school, which ties in Mr Pickwick and that old gentleman’s touch," explains Alex MacKenzie.

Discover more about our Mr Pickwick's Particular Tawny below, plus Salters Kitchen head chef Scott Liddell further explains the appropriateness of Mr Pickwick's as an after-meal drink this Christmas.

Mr Pickwick's Particular Tawny NV

With an average age of over 21 years, Mr. Pickwick's Tawny is truly unique amongst fortified wines thanks to its quality, consistency and availability. Widely regarded as Australia's definitive tawny, Mr. Pickwick's rounded and mellow flavours come from a solera blending style, and a long period of maturation in small oak casks to enhance the bouquet, palate, complexity and rich, tawny colour.

“Compared to other fortified wines, Mr Pickwick’s is more of a dry style that is bit more user-friendly as opposed to an overly sweet fortified. The age behind this Tawny is balanced with a vibrant freshness," explains MacKenzie.

"So, it’s not really clean and it's not really sweet, and has a bit of acidity to back it up. The rancio definitely helps carry the fortified, and the age behind this Tawny is balanced with a vibrant freshness."

Scott Liddell's Brandy Butter Recipe

Our head chef Scott Liddell has been hard at work making our famous Saltram Christmas Pudding – an annual tradition that sees our delicious Christmas Pudding baked, wrapped and ready to pair with a glass of Mr Pickwick’s tawny.

And although he can't give away his top-secret recipe, he has curated a special Brandy Butter recipe to accompany your Saltram Christmas Pudding - and a glass of Mr Pickwick's!

“Our traditional Saltram Christmas Pudding, with its mix of glacé cherries, almonds and local mixed fruit like apples, peaches, pears, apricots, sultanas, is perfectly paired with a glass of Mr Pickwick’s Tawny - it’s the perfect balance to end mark the end of a good meal.” – Scott Liddell